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Wasat International leading clothing manufacturers, producing garments of the highest quality. We proudly support fashion start ups, small brands, SMEs and emerging designers. We offer a full scale manufacturing solution including a range of services which you can read a bit more about below.

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About Us

Wasat International is an Indian company registered under the Indian Companies Act, 2013. It’s a start up by a team of young professionals. Wasat International is a B2B company manufactures a range of quality and fashionable products for men, women and kids. Our products are cost effective and compatible in market with a high standard quality. All our Jeans are specially made in Stretchable Waist so that it fit to any size and shape.

Best Seller Product

Low Order Quantity

offers industry leading MOQs for custom clothing – from 200pcs per design. We’re committed to providing exceptional garments which meet the high standards of our customers, regardless of quantity.

High Quality Clothing

All clothes are cut, stitched and finished by hand and undergo a four stage quality control procedure to ensure satisfaction. Throughout manufacture, all stages are quality checked to ensure the highest standards.

Fabric Sourcing

Fabrics are sourced to match your requirements for composition and handfeel. We can also dye fabrics to meet your exact colour specifications and give materials additional treatments for softness.

Pattern Development

If you require help getting your clothing designs production ready, we can help you to develop custom measurements. Alternatively we can work from your pattern should you have it and grade your dimensions up and down to create new sizes.

Prototypes & Sampling

For each order we create a prototype for your approval, allowing you to test and refine the functionality of your design. Once your samples have been approved, we will commence bulk manufacture.

Bulk Manufacture

Bulk manufacture takes place on our production line, where all items are handmade and quality checked throughout. Quality checks also take place in the finishing stages, before your items are packaged for delivery.

Why Choose Us ?

Pre Production

The design process begins with your idea. If you have technical drawings and specifications that’s always helpful, however if you require assistance in getting your clothing designs production ready, we are able to help. Once an order has been placed, we make a pre production sample/prototype for your approval. This can be sent to you, or if time is of the essence you can opt to verify your design with pictures. After you have approved your designs and taken the opportunity to make any small changes, we can proceed to bulk.

Bulk Production

After your prototype has been approved, bulk manufacturing commences. When we create a sample during the pre production stage, we create an identical piece which is retained as a reference for manufacturing. The bulk fabric is cut to your pattern, grading is carried out if required and sewing of the panels commences. Towards the end of the process, trim is added if required. Throughout the final stages, all items are confirmed to be as per your sample, ensuring your final delivery is exactly as expected, unless you specify any changes beforehand.

Quality Check

We implement a 4 stage process to ensure that your clothes arrive in excellent condition. When we source fabric or raw materials for your order they are checked at source for defects. After your sample(s) have been produced and approved, bulk manufacturing starts. All items are handmade and individually checked along the production line. When complete, each item is individually packaged and checked by an operative to identify and rectify any rare defects.


Once your order is complete and has been quality checked for a final time, it is approved for delivery via our network of reliable global couriers. Our network of couriers and delivery agents ensure smooth transportation of your items from our factory to your home or office in the UK or overseas. We understand that time frames and budgets vary between customers, and we have access to couriers who can deliver on a standard or express basis to suit.




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