Wasat International



Together, these services create a comprehensive and vertically integrated approach to the fashion business, allowing Wasat International to control and optimize various stages of the apparel production and distribution process. This approach can lead to greater quality control, efficiency, and the ability to meet the diverse needs of a global customer base.


• Apparel Designing

Wasat International showcases its expertise in apparel designing, a creative process where fashion ideas come to life. Skilled designers at Wasat conceptualize, sketch, and develop unique and appealing designs for a diverse range of clothing, ensuring that each piece reflects current trends and customer preferences.


• Manufacturing

Wasat International’s manufacturing service encompasses the actual production of apparel. The company’s manufacturing facility is equipped with advanced machinery and operated by skilled artisans, ensuring precision, efficiency, and the delivery of high-quality products. From cutting fabrics to stitching and finishing, the manufacturing process is executed with attention to detail.


• Sourcing

Sourcing is a critical aspect of the fashion industry, involving the identification and procurement of raw materials and components needed for the production of apparel. Wasat International’s sourcing service likely involves establishing relationships with reliable suppliers to ensure a consistent and high-quality supply chain.


• Import

Wasat International’s import service suggests involvement in procuring materials or products from international sources. This can include importing raw materials, fabrics, or finished products that contribute to the production and enhancement of the company’s apparel range. Efficient import processes contribute to the company’s ability to offer diverse and quality products.


• Export:

Wasat International’s export service involves selling its apparel and fashion products to markets outside its home country. This service is essential for reaching a global customer base, expanding market presence, and contributing to the company’s vision of being a leading fashion exporter.